Chicken soup with noodles of TM “YUVIN”


3 liters of water,
Chicken meat (fillet) 500 grams,
Carrots2 pcs.,
Onions 2 pcs.,
Potatoes 3 or 4 pcs.,
Vermicelli 100-130 grams,
Salt and pepper - to taste,
herbs (fennel, parsley).

The abovementioned amount of ingredients is described for preparing 3.5 liters of soup.

Cooking method:

In order to kook chicken broth you should put previously rinsed chicken in a saucepan, pour it with lightly salted water and add half of the carrots and onions to taste. Then the meat shall be cooked until tender, removing scum from the surface of the broth with a spoon from time to time.

Cut into pieces boiled chicken and put it back into the ready broth. Cut potatoes in cubes, add to the saucepan. Put it on the fire and cook for another 10 minutes bringing to the boil.

Mix finely chopped fresh onion and grated fresh carrot, fry slightly in vegetable oil, add them to the saucepan. Then add 100-130 grams of noodles, stir the contents of the saucepan and cook for about 7 minutes. If desired, you can add additionally some salt and pepper to almost finished dish.

When the soup is ready, turn off the fire it and give it some time to brew under the closed lid.

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